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Minimise the Stress of Moving Home

Posted on September 28, 2023 at 4:34 PM

We've all heard about the survey that says moving house ranks among the most stressful life events, especially when it involves putting a home on the market. It's astonishing how this process is ranked third, only behind the death of a family member and divorce. But what makes listing houses for sale and transitioning from one residence to another more nerve-wracking than facing illness, job loss, or even welcoming a new baby? How can we navigate these turbulent times and ensure a smoother experience when we decide to change homes? A significant part of the stress comes from the disruption to our regular routine. Especially if you're considering selling your property or looking at flats to rent, the effort can be overwhelming. And there's always those small repairs and tasks we've postponed, thinking we'll get around to them someday. As we delve into the intricacies of the real estate market, understanding the key aspects and finding ways to minimise stress becomes paramount.
So, what are the main parts of the process and how can we avoid the stress that accompanies them?

Preparing your property for sale
Make a list: Before diving into the sale, create a comprehensive list of repairs and updates. This can range from simple tasks like fresh paint touch-ups to more significant projects such as bathroom renovations or window replacements. A well-maintained property attracts more potential buyers.
Be realistic with your timescales: When considering properties for sale, one must remember that while some homes might sell quickly, others might require more time. Engaging with real estate agents can help set realistic expectations. They'll offer insights into current market conditions, average selling times, and more.
Get some storage sorted-out: Decluttering is essential for showcasing the best parts of your home. Consider renting storage for items that might crowd or overshadow the attractive features of your property. A decluttered space not only appears larger but also allows potential buyers to envision their belongings in it.
Home Improvements for Selling: Think of the improvements that can increase the property's appeal. A kitchen update or exterior maintenance can significantly boost its attractiveness. Also, always remember the top tips to sell your home: be patient, be prepared, and work closely with trusted professionals in the industry.

Preparing for the Move
Rethink and Reorganise: Transitioning from one home to another isn't just about stuffing boxes. It's an occasion to evaluate what you truly need. As you sort through your belongings, decide what would suit your potential new space, whether it's a modern apartment or a spacious family home. Methodically pack each area, cataloguing the contents, and marking boxes to make your move as seamless as possible.
First-Day Fundamentals: Think about the initial moments in your new dwelling. What will you need immediately? Prepare a box or basket with those immediate necessities like refreshments, key utensils, and basic cleaning supplies. This ensures you're set even before all boxes are unpacked.
Personal Touches Matter: Amidst all the chaos, the comfort of familiar items can be uplifting. Keep aside an overnight kit with items like your favourite pyjamas, a good book, or even a cherished photo frame. These little elements can make your first night in a new place feel just a bit more like home.

Moving Day
As the day of your big move draws near, remember that preparation and perspective are keys to a stress-free transition. Here's your checklist for ensuring the day goes off without a hitch.
Communication is Crucial: While it might be tempting to directly communicate with the other party given our smartphone era, it's crucial to remember that it's a day rife with potential miscommunications. A word of advice: always filter essential information through your real estate agents or solicitors.
Key Collection: For the eager buyers, remember that receiving the keys to your new property isn’t just about making a payment. It requires a series of steps, from ensuring all necessary paperwork has been exchanged to awaiting confirmation from the seller's legal team. A simple call to the seller's agent beforehand will give you clarity on the situation and avoid any unnecessary surprises.
Prepare for Hiccups: For sellers, remember that while everyone strives for a seamless process, unforeseen issues can arise. Whether it’s delays with the purchaser’s funds or complications in the paperwork, sometimes there's a slight hold-up. In such cases, it's a blessing to be comfortably settled on your couch, enjoying a warm cup of tea instead of dealing with the challenges on an empty stomach or floor.
A Safe Zone for Pets and Kids: Moving can be as taxing on our pets and children as it is on us. By arranging for them to stay with trusted friends or family, you can ensure they're shielded from the brunt of the stress.
Pace Yourself: It’s not just a physical move but an emotional one. Whether you're bidding adieu to cherished memories or stepping into a realm of new beginnings, it's okay to take a moment. Breathe, rest, and maybe even spend a quiet moment in each empty room reminiscing before moving to the next.
Stay Calm and Carry On: Unforeseen issues, like a traffic snarl or a minor accident, might come up. In such moments, remember that fretting won’t change the situation. Maintain perspective and focus on the bigger picture - a successful move to your new space.
This journey, as monumental as it is, is but a steppingstone to the memories and experiences you're about to create in your new home. Stay positive and enjoy the ride!

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Minimise the Stress of Moving Home