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Property Sales

Most sellers want the highest sale price for their property, and if you speak to 10 agents, they will all tell you they will achieve this. However, results vary dramatically between different agents.

HomeLink achieve the best results in the local marketplace and that’s official!

As the only agency to have their results audited by The National Trading Standards Authority, who confirmed HomeLink achieve the ‘best results’ after assessing local market data, you need look no further if looking to sell your property.


Why HomeLink?

We have been around the block several times, so we know what it takes to deliver the best results in the market. Competitors will say it’s all about being on Rightmove or Zoopla, that if your property is seen on those websites you will sell for the highest price. Well, the truth is that’s only one part of the recipe for success. Marketing does one thing, generates interest and so viewers!

However, to achieve the highest price the market can deliver requires three further key elements: The Recipe for a successful sale….

  • An understanding of the Buyers: its critical that the agent is aware of the strengths and weakness’s of each potential buyer and this only comes with dialogue. Their buying position, have they sold or on the market, their intended dates of entry etc. Only when armed with this information will you the client be able to determine which offer works for you.
  • Negotiation: experience is required and a steady nerve to negotiate the best deal
  • Proof of Funds: a critical element that is sadly often overlooked; can the buyer actually go through with the sale? HomeLink will always acquire proof of funds before taking a property off the market, not many agents can say the same!

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Proof of Funds

When an offer is made on a property it will most likely be subject to a mortgage and possibly the sale of the buyer’s property. If there is a problem with either, the sale will fall through.

As a member of the Property Ombudsman scheme, we are bound by the Estate Agents Code of Practice, which states we should endeavour where possible to acquire ‘proof of funds’ from the prospective buyer.

So, HomeLink will ask to see details prior to the sale property being taken off the market to protect our client.

Often buyers when asked will respond, ‘but my agent doesn’t ask for that’ The response will always be... don’t you think they should!

At HomeLink we will always put our clients first by protecting them and making sure the risk of a fall through is minimised. We do things right!


So Unlock the True Value of Your Property with HomeLink